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Radnor Capital Partners Limited
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We are Britain’s favourite self storage company and the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Green Construction

Big Yellow care about the impact of our construction activities on the environment and seek to minimise noise and nuisance by following best practice. The team follows sustainable construction principles and whenever practical, materials are recycled or selected from sustainable sources. The amount of waste and energy usage is monitored on each of our sites to identify potential efficiencies for introduction on future building projects. Our Health and Safety record is excellent. All our schemes are registered with the Considerate Construction Scheme and we are constantly challenging our site teams to exceed minimum standards.

Amongst our peer group in the Real Estate Sector, Big Yellow's green credentials were recognised for examplar behaviour when we were presented with a Best Practice Award for the Built Environment.

The unique quality about the award is that no company can put themselves forward to be nominated; 5000 companies in the south were tracked, with shortlists and winners identified from research, with their credentials independently evaluated against the following foundation attributes:

  1. Having ISO4001 accreditation or adherence to EMAS, PA52050 protocols
  2. Environmental responsibility being an intrinsic part of the company culture, defining interaction and relationship with employees, customers and suppliers
  3. Strategic consideration of the environment, with impact and improvement embedded as considerations within the business model and decision-making framework
  4. A desire to set benchmark standards rather than being driven by legislative/regulatory demands
  5. Tangible, demonstrative results - seeing the monitoring process as a measure of company performance
  6. Continuity - environmental responsibility as holisitc in approach rather than a series of stand-alone activities